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Is Your Marriage Drifting?

Perhaps your marriage isn’t in crisis, but it isn’t very exciting either. Picture your mate and you in a boat leisurely drifting down the river. Where are you going? Will you reach your destination and achieve your goals if you just keep drifting? Couples in a drifting marriage feel bored, dissatisfied, and unhappy. There’s no vitality and excitement in the marriage.

Sinkable or Unsinkable?

Just think, it only took six stress fractures to sink the Titanic. How many stressors is your marriage experiencing today? How is it being effected by these events and attitudes? Is your marriage sinking or is it unsinkable? Do you recognize your situation in any of the following statements?

  • Toxic business. Both of you are working, running kids to events, and eating meals on the run.

If you agree with any of the above statements, your marriage could be sinking. Regardless of your present marital condition, it is not too late to build a happy relationship. It takes recognition that there is a problem— and a willingness to change!
If there were problems in your marriage, at what point would you be willing to seek counseling?
  1. When you feel little love from/for your mate.
  2. When you cannot work out specific problems on your own.
  3. When your conflict increases.
  4. When the two of you stop talking.
  5. When you first consider separating or getting a divorce.
  6.   Never.
It is easier to deal with the problems
when you are at the point mentioned at
the top of this list than it is when you
reach the way of thinking suggested at
the bottom of the list.
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